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Dajti Ekspres is Albania’s premier tourist attraction, welcome to our official website. Located just outside the city, the Austrian built cable car will whisk you away to our complex at the top of Dajti Mountain on the longest cableway in the Balkans. This website aims to provide you with all the necessary information to plan your trip including ticket and opening times, tips on public transport & taxi’s as well as maps and parking info. You can also find out more about our hospitality services including our fantastic Hotel & Restaurant and all the exciting activities you can do at the top!


The Dajti Ekspres Cable car in Tirana was built by Doppelmayr the world’s leading manufacturer of ropeways, cable cars and ski lifts.


Dajti Tower Belvedere Hotel is an investment of the company “Dajti Ekspres sha”. Dajti Ekspres is contributing in the development of the tourism in Tirana building this wonderful hotel, in one of the most known touristic area called mountain of Dajti. The construction of the hotel is fulfilled at the beginning of 2009. Dajti Belvedere Hotel has begun its full operations during the month of September 2009. The main area of focus is promoting the sustainable tourism and the protection of nature.
Dajti Tower  Belvedere Hotel is located in the touristy area of National Park of Dajti Mountain 1420 m above sea level. A piece of modern accommodation expects you at the top of Dajti Mountain. Come to enjoy the comfort and luxury, next to the amazing views that this subject offers that is related with the way you are coming up using Dajti Ekspres cable – car. Dajti Express cable car is the only one in Albania and the largest one in Balkan.


Restaurant “Balcony of Dajti” is operating since 2007. Restaurant offers a comfortable place, very nice and serene spaces with the pleasure of a wonderful view that offers Mountain of Dajti- where Tirana seems to be in the palm of the hand and sunset is amazing.
Restaurant “Balcony of Dajti” is created to be one of the most known and best restaurants in Tirana that offers tradition food. If you want to feel more pleasure, fun, quality and a very good service. Come and visit restaurant “Balcony of Dajti”. This is where you will find space, service and a very good dinning based on tradition and a wonderful location all together. With a strategic location in a touristy place, with contemporary and classic décor, appropriate for winter and summer season, we are here to add quality to your festive occasions and simplify your busy life.
Restaurant Balkony of Dajti has the most beautiful view of Tirana. It is located in the touristy area of Dajti mountain. Before you could come to us for 1 hour, now you can come to us using Dajti Ekspres cable-car, for only 15 minutes.
Every one of you can dream of fresh air of the forest, flavor of the flowers, and murmur of water that flows through the stone. Don’t dream! …Come to “Balkony of Dajti” and you will find these emotions all together, come to our restaurant where it combines modern style with wood, the magnificent green of nature, and obviously a cultured and quality service.