The Dajti Ekspres cableway is of the 8-MGD type (Monocable gondola detachable for 8 persons / per gondola).

Traveling on a detachable gondola lift from Doppelmayr is safe, comfortable and fast. Modern design, innovative safety components and top-grade structural steelwork ensure a successful combination of aesthetics, utmost safety and optimal added value. The panoramic windows allow a unique, all-round view – and create the sensation of being immersed in nature.

The 30 gondolas are highly comfortable and provide full protection against the elements. The gondolas were designed with a strong focus on the special needs of families and the elderly which mean that strollers, wheelchairs or alternative sports equipment such as bicycles can be transported without any problem.

The gondolas travel with a selected speed up to 6 m/s and maintain a distance of 300 metres between each other running approximately every 80 seconds. When all the gondolas are in use, the maximum capacity of passengers is 248 persons.

The doors of the gondolas are are locked automatically before exiting the station and are opened automatically when entering. When entering the stations, the gondolas detach from the rope (which continues to move at the same constant speed) and are then controlled by a conveyor of wheels and transmission belts which decrease the speed from 6 m/s all the way down below 0.3 m/s for  safe unloading/loading. On exit, once the gondola doors have closed, a separate conveyor gradually increases the speed of the gondola back up to 6 m/s in order to exit at the same speed of the rope.

The detachable grip technology perfected by Doppelmayr ensures for the ultimate safety and comfort of the passengers. The grip is closed during the ride and only enables the gondolas to separate from the rope when entering the stations. The grip is of compact design and protected against atmospheric influences for use in temperatures 30° C to + 50 º C.