Whether you are coming for a short visit or planning to stay overnight at our hotel, Dajti Ekspres is a great experience for everyone, which is why it has attracted more than 150,000 visitors per year since opening in 2005. Make the most of your visit with our list of things to do below. Feel free to download and print our free information guide.

Catch a cable car

Take the cable car to (almost) the top of Dajti Mountain and enjoy the fantastic views. The longest cableway in the Balkans at 4.7 kilometres, the 15 minute scenic journey takes visitors over forest, farms, hilltops and even bunkers!

Grab something to eat

Make time for a stop at the award winning restaurant Ballkoni Dajtit, which sits on the edge of Dajti Mountain, and enjoy the breathtaking views! The restaurant which is surrounded by the national park, was constructed in the traditional log cabin style that historically has it’s roots in the mountainous regions of Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Relax and enjoy the warm atmosphere and traditional cuisine accompanied by the most extraordinary view Tirana has to offer.

Rotating Bar

Located on the seventh floor of Dajti Tower, Dajti Tower Bar rotates 360 degrees giving visitors an incredible view of both the national park and the city of Tirana below. The bar completes a full rotation every 45 minutes so enjoy a hot or cold beverage, relax and enjoy the view!

Viewing platform

If visitors would like a less restricted view, they can find the viewing platform which is located above the seventh floor. This unique open-air view of the surroundings provides a beautiful and unrivalled view of Dajti mountain, surrounding mountain ranges, Tirana & as far as the sea on a clear day.

*The platform is currently closed for safety reasons but ask a member of the bar staff on the seventh floor and they may be able to grant supervised access


We often get requests for a guide to take visitors hiking to the highest peaks of Dajti Mountain. Although there are roughly defined routes in the mountain and maps available from the station, only experienced hikers and those with a good sense of direction should make the journey on their own. For the majority of visitors who are not comfortable making the 2-3 hour trip up on their own, we work with a number of experienced guides who know the routes well and regularly make the trip to the top. For more information on this activity please contact bookings@dajtiekpres.com

Mountain Climbing

Rock Tirana are a group of professional and experienced climbers in Tirana who provide fun filled and active days out in Dajti Mountain. Whether you’re a group of adults or children, all experience levels are welcome from beginner to professional. Rock Tirana know the mountain better than most and follow strict international regulations when teaching and guiding others as well as using professional equipment. As well as climbing, Rock Tirana also provide hiking tours for young children where they teach the kids various survival techniques providing a fun filled day out!

Mountain Biking

For visitors looking for some excitement, our friends over at Albania Off-Road Cycling (AORC) can provide you with an unforgettable trip down Dajti Mountain. AORC are experts of biking tours in Albania and offer a fantastic half day/full day experience for biking enthusiasts. Make your way up to the top of the mountain on the Dajti Ekspres cable car and maybe stop for a bite at Ballkoni Dajtit before beginning your journey down the mountain. For more information on this activity please contact bookings@dajtiekspres.com


We work with a number of professional hang gliding instructors in Albania who can take visitors in tandem from a platform on our complex to the bottom of the montain. This experience is guaranteed to get your adrenalin flowing, and give you a great view of the Dajti montain! Take a look at the videos in our gallery to see what you can look forward to! For more information on this this activity please contact bookings@dajtiekspres.com