One of the best restaurants I have ever visited

I was there with my parents and my cousin.
The environment is very cosy and has the albanian spirit. The view from the mountain Dajt is breath taking. I was really amazed with how kind, happy and helpful the waitors were. Those guys were professionals and knew how to behave to the clients! I couldn’t believe that everything was so excellent, and was waiting for the food so that I could create a complete opinion for this restaurant. The food was just WOOOW!! Perfectly cooked and super tasty. Those guys are professionals on every aspect The prices were logic. We paid 8.000 for 4 people. If you want to eat at a restaurant with magnetic view, be treated like a king and eat delicious food then this is your restaurant. I would happily drive my car on the mountain to have a same experience in the future! Bravo!