Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, a festive atmosphere is created in our restaurant with live music, a specific menu and a stunning view of the lights of the city of Tirana.

Independence Day of Albania

On the day of independence and the liberation day of Albania, a festive atmosphere is created in our restaurant with Albanian national notions.

It’s your birthday? Celebrate in Dajti Ekspres!

Children, the most special day of the year is your birthday! This is the anniversary of the first breath and deserves not just some dinner congratulations, but a full celebration almost all day long. Why consume a dinner just before midnight, when you can entertain all your friends with a packed day of activities? In […]

“Festa e Plisit”, in memory of Gjergj Fishta

Tradition and friendship are always welcome at Dajti Ekspres. In memory of one of Albania’s finest golden pens, Gjergj Fishta, on August 25, 2019 we organized the Feast of Plis. Outdoor folk dances and songs are many times more beautiful than in any other setting. After all, the masterpiece “Lahuta e Malcis” has taken its […]

Grab the basket and get whatever you want in the balcony garden!

Kitchen is a daily task. Today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. Every day, with the same pace and dedication. In “Ballkoni i Dajtit” we have something more, love of the land. That’s where everything begins, for customers to taste the fresh produce of this garden near our balcony. For almost a year, we have been […]

Dajti Ekspres is not just a cable car

If you are thinking of spending a day away from the city, completely devoting yourself to your family and breaking the routine, Dajti Ekspres is the right choice. There is not just one reason, not two. Year after year, Dajti National Park has been enriched with services and amusement areas. Let us explain this step […]